CSR: Conserving Recyclable Resources for Our Future

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Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc. (CSR) is one of an elite few scrap companies in the United States that have played a continuous role in recycling for more than 100 years.

Today, we are a complete scrap recycler, more committed than ever to conserving our natural resources. To that end, we offer our customers expertise to help them manage their scrap. With locations throughout Central Pennsylvania, CSR is optimally and uniquely positioned to provide each supplier and consumer with the highest quality service and scrap raw material products available.

Scrap Recycling Made Easy. That’s Consolidated Scrap Resources.

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Our Core Values

  • We place the safety of our employees and any others who come into contact with any of our Company’s facilities or equipment, above everything else.
  • We support employees and families physical and emotional well-being.
  • We always honor our commitments and act with the highest level of integrity.
  • We strive to provide the best possible customer service.
  • We are environmentally responsible.
  • We maintain our facilities and equipment in a safe, clean, neat, and orderly manner.
  • We deliver the highest quality products possible and deliver it on time.
  • We always seek to improve our operations and services.

Why Work With CSR?

Safety First

Honesty, Transparency & Integrity

Reliable Service

High Quality Products

Awards from ISRI

ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) is national trade association for the recycling industry.

  • Fleet Safety, Best Fleet Award, Intermediate Class, 2016, 2019
  • Recycle Guard, Pacesetter Award, 2017
  • Fleet Safety, 1st place, 2015
  • Fleet Safety Pacesetter Award, 2015
  • Fleet Safety, Best Fleet Award, 2013
  • Fleet Safety, Pacesetter Award, 2013
  • Fleet Safety, Best Fleet Award, 2nd place, 2012


1897 – L. Lavetan and Sons, Inc. founded in York, PA.

1904 – Benjamin Abrams immigrates to the United States from Lithuania and eventually buys a horse cart, and works as a peddler of recyclable goods, including collecting scrap metal.

1907 – Benjamin Abrams establishes his first fixed recycling location in Harrisburg, PA.

1925 – Benjamin Abrams and his sons move their business, B. Abrams and Sons Inc., to its current location and build the first building on Cameron Street in Harrisburg, PA.

1996 – L. Lavetan & Sons, Inc. expands by constructing a new headquarters and full service, indoor non-ferrous processing facility in West York, PA.

1999 – B. Abrams & Sons Inc. and L. Lavetan and Sons, Inc. merge to form Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc.

2000 – CSR acquires Wagaman Iron & Metal in Gettysburg, PA. CSR-Gettysburg becomes CSR’s fifth operating facility.

2002 – CSR begins operating its 4000 horsepower metal shredder at its Harrisburg facility.

2008 – CSR acquires the recycling business assets of Brandywine Recyclers, Inc. in Lebanon, PA. CSR-Brandywine becomes CSR’s sixth operating facility.