Our Team

Richard Abrams


Richard has been with CSR for 54 years and serves as the primary chairman.

Ben Abrams

President & CEO

Ben grew up in the scrap industry for 30 years, specifically with CSR. He learned about the business here at CSR, and along the way, picked up a legal and finance background that helps him do his job today. Ben has been working full time at CSR for 13 years and currently guides the company and its people in the right direction. The thing he likes best about his job are his teammates.

Martin “Marty” Fogle

Senior VP

Marty has been with CSR for 51 years and is responsible for buying and selling of non-ferrous and a buyer for ferrous materials. He likes that every day is different and he gets to meet new people almost daily! After graduating from high school, Marty started at CSR as a laborer and listened and learned from anyone who would teach him about the scrap business.

Steve Marcus

VP for Ferrous Purchasing

Joining CSR in 1990, Steve has had several roles in the company but today his primary job is the Senior Buyer for ferrous materials.

Todd Zuckerman

Director of Paper and Plastic

Todd joined CSR in 2007, but has spent his entire professional career in the recycling industry. Todd gains personal satisfaction in knowing the work done at CSR is beneficial to the local, state, national, and world’s environment and resources.

Rachel Brillhart

Customer Account Specialist – Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Paper, and Plastic

Rachel joined CSR in 2008 is responsible for purchasing all recycling. Her favorite thing about working for CSR is the team she works with and the amazing people she works for. Before CSR, she had been in personal lines insurance sales and was appointed in 12 different states!

Matt Henry

Non-Ferrous & Ferrous Purchasing

Matt has been with CSR since 2013 and is responsible for maintaining relationships with current and potential dealers and suppliers. He likes that two days at CSR are never the same and you learn or hear something new every day in this industry. He says every day is a new challenge. He is happy to work with a great, knowledgeable team where everyone gets along. Matt likes the relationships that he has built with current customers and coworkers over the years. Matt says that CSR is a great company and great work environment to be a part of. Before CSR, Matt worked as a laborer in a brass foundry when he was 18 years old. He learned a lot there about the industry and slowly moved up the ladder learning about the different kinds of scrap material. While there, he decided he wanted to become a sales representative in the industry and after joining CSR, says he wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Craig Boyko

Director of Commercial Marketing and Trading

Craig has been with CSR since 2018 and is in charge of purchasing and marketing for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. He likes the people he works with and the friends he’s made in this industry. They make his job fun and rewarding. Before working for CSR, Craig was a director of sales for a local recycling company for 10 years. Being in the metal recycling industry for over 20 years gives him the experience he needs to excel at his job. When Craig isn’t working he enjoys fishing, boating, golfing, and spending time with his wife, 3 children, and dog.

Ronnie Silber


Ronnie joined CSR in 2018 and has many roles including, a purchasing dealer and permanent job scrap, developing new markets, selling specialty scrap metals, and brokering metals. Ronnie enjoys the variety of people he meets and also finding new markets for materials that are difficult to place. Ronnie has been in the scrap metal business for 29 years and started in a large feeder yard in the Maryland area in producing both ferrous and non-ferrous grades. He spent 7 years in Baltimore purchasing scrap steel for a large steel company. Ronnie has also purchased both ferrous and non-ferrous materials for mills and worked with customers and their employees informing them how to prepare materials for mill acceptance.

Mike McHale


Mike started at CSR in March of 2022. He has been in the recycling industry for the last 13 years. His career started with electronics recycling but shifted over the years to non-ferrous metal trading/brokering. Mike enjoys the dynamic and ever-changing industry and the challenges it presents. Outside of work, Mike likes to spend time with his wife and two cats, traveling, and going to see the band Phish as often as possible.

Howard Caplan

Buyer/Account Rep

Howard has been with CSR for 18 years and works as a ferrous and non-ferrous scrap acquisition for new sourcing and repeat business. Howard has worked in various genres of the metal recycling business for his entire adult life since his family was also in the scrap business in the Pittsburgh area. Howard likes developing business and personal relationships with the suppliers that he meets who he says are not just targeted customers, but also real people with interesting and unique ideas.

Carol Strayer

Human Resources

Carol was hired in 1987 to work in accounting, was transferred to Personnel (what it was called back then) shortly after which eventually turned into HR. Currently, Carol handles all of HR with the help of an assistant. She enjoys dealing with all the employees and the good family atmosphere at CSR.