CSR’s company-wide policies ensure that scrap is handled and processed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Company employees are trained to recognize and refrain from processing potentially unsafe, harmful, or hazardous materials until they have taken measures to eliminate risks and prevent the release of contaminants.

Our commitment to a clean and safe environment has extended to the design of our largest and most often used equipment, a scrap metal shredding system. The essence of a metal shredder like ours is to maximize our ability to reclaim recyclable material that has reached the end of its useful life and would otherwise find its way to a landfill. Instead, the material we reclaim and sell to consumers becomes new and useful. Our metal shredder employs a Smart-Water Injection System© and an enclosed airflow system to control dirt, dust, and other potential fugitive emissions, and to help assure our production of the cleanest, highest quality shredded scrap available.