Commercial Scrap Recycling Services

box of low grade wiring to recycle

Whether you deliver your scrap to us or schedule a pick-up of your commercial operation’s recyclable materials, CSR is here to help you maximize your valuable scrap commodities. Don’t throw money away dumping potentially valuable scrap in the local landfill. Our Customized Scarp Management Solutions (CSMS) program can add immense value to your material disposal efforts–and help you be greener, too!

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Need a Scrap Collection Box or Trailer for Your Business?

CSR offers a wide variety of roll-off boxes, dump trailers, and other receptacles that we deliver to your site. We do not charge rental or hauling fees.

Roll-Off Boxes

30 cubic yard containers – 24′ long x 96″ wide x 62″ high
40 cubic yard containers – 24′ long x 96″ wide x 72″ high
52 cubic yard containers – 26′ long x 96″ wide x 89″ high
84 cubic yard boxes – 40′ long x 102″ wide x 87″ high

luggar box

Lugger Boxes

6 cubic yard – 3′ high x 12′ long x 6′ wide
8 cubic yard – 4′ high x 12′ long x 6′ wide
10 cubic yard – 5′ high x 12′ long x 6′ wide
12 cubic yard – 6′ high x 12′ long x 6′ wide

Van Trailers

Generally, our van trailers are 48′ long x 102″ wide, but lengths vary from 40′ to 48′ and widths are either 96″ or 102″

dump trailer

Dump Trailers

67 cubic yards – 35′ long x 96″ wide x 94″ high (wall height)

push-out trailer

Push-Out Trailers

94 cubic yards – 45′ long x 96″ wide x 96″ high (wall height)

Attention Demolition Contractors:

CSR Offers Full-Service Demolition and Site Clean-Ups

CSR can arrange full-service demolition and site clean-up services for your business. Our depth of knowledge in these fields provides you with peace of mind knowing that the materials at your site will be collected and recycled in an efficient, effective, and responsible manner. 

CSR’s complete recycling program includes recycling of all types of metals, paper, plastics, and wood. Our successful longevity in business (over 100 years!) demonstrates our solid financial strength and enables us to pay customers promptly. CSR’s numerous centrally located facilities minimize transportation costs for customers. 

Our fleet of trucks and loading equipment, along with various sizes of collection boxes and trailers, allow for numerous options to collect and transport your recyclable material in the most efficient way. 

Our Responsible Appliance Recycling Program

old pile of appliances

For commercial customers—including retail appliance dealers, municipalities, and trash haulers—CSR makes appliance recycling easy:

  • CSR can arrange to pick up appliances at your location or accept delivery at one of our facilities.
  • For scrapped appliances, CSR safely and legally removes refrigerant. Written certification is available to the seller on request.

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